Spokane River Watersheds

Watershed Planning & Implementation for WRIAs 54, 55, 56, & 57

WRIA 55/57 Watershed Plan

The WRIA 55/57 Watershed Plan was adopted on January 31, 2006 by Spokane County, Stevens County, and Pend Oreille County.  The objectives of the planning effort were to address water resource issues, provide local management of water resources, and coordinate and consolidate water management practices.  The watershed plan includes recommended actions to achieve water management goals established in the plan.

WRIA 55/57 Watershed Plan

WRIA 55/57 Watershed Plan Appendices

In addition to the WRIA 55/57 Watershed Plan a subgroup developed a plan for the West Branch of the Little Spokane River, a subbasin of the larger watershed.

West Branch Little Spokane River Watershed Implementation Plan