Spokane River Watersheds

Watershed Planning & Implementation for WRIAs 54, 55, 56, & 57

WRIA 54-Lower Spokane River Watershed


WRIA 54 is an 885-square-mile watershed in eastern Washington that encompasses portions of the Cities of Spokane and Medical Lake, Spokane, Stevens and Lincoln Counties, and Fairchild Air Force Base; most of the Spokane Indian Reservation; and the City of Airway Heights. The dry but temperate climate of the area has interacted with local geology to create soils, aquifers, and water bodies that interact in complex ways.

Watershed Planning under RCW 90.82 began in December 2003.  The WRIA 54 Watershed Plan was adopted by Lincoln, Spokane, and Stevens Counties' Boards of Commissioners on October 22, 2009.  The WRIA 54 Detailed Implementation Plan was approved on December 14, 2010.